The Durationator: An Introduction

The Durationator: An Introduction

An Introduction

What is the Durationator?

The Durationator was developed at Tulane University Law School in conjunction with Limited Times, L.L.C.  The goal is to provide fast, affordable, and accessible information regarding the copyright status of any work anywhere in the world.  To that end, the Durationator has a number of resources:  an interactive tool that assist users in matching data about a particular work to the laws of jurisdictions chosen; an international treatise on copyright; access to the copyright laws of the world; and access to U.S. Copyright Office records that are integrated into the Durationator system.  

For more information or to purchase a Durationator Report, go to


Related Services

Durationator Report Review


A thorough review of the Durationator Copyright Report by a qualified attorney who can provide you with advice relevant to the appropriate jurisdictions.

Reports and Membership

Anyone can use the Durationator.  We have two ways to access the system:  

  • Durationator Reports.  You send us data, and submit payment.  We run the Durationatore Report about that work.  Reports begin at $199 for one work, and include search of the U.S. Copyright Office Records.  You can submit a request here.
  • Memberships.  Beginning in the Spring 2017, we are offering two kinds of memberships:
    • Attorney/Content Owner Memberships 
    • Library, Museum, and Archive Memberships

         Both types of memberships provide access to the Durationator Copyright Portal, which includes articles, tools, spreadsheets, and tickets for requesting Durationator Reports.  For more information, visit


Is the Durationator a lawyer?

No.  It's a research tool--many research tools, actually.  It allows lawyers to quickly research access a particular case.  We encourage you (as in this site here at to hire an attorney to review the Durationator Report, and advise you on next steps.  If you hire and attorney, and they need to consult with us about the results, we are happy to do so, free of charge!

How long does a Durationator match take?

Minutes.  We've been doing the research for a decade now.  It's coded into the system.  So, we enter the data, and then a report is created.   But we also do a quick data check.  So, the whole process takes 2-3 days.  If you need an expedited Report, let us know, and we can give you pricing.

What information does a Durationator match include?

You provide the data for the search.  

You choose the countries to search (the countries where you will be using the work). Copyright law is based on where potential infringement may occur-- where the use is occurring.  The system has the copyright laws for every country in the world. 

We run the data through the U.S. Copyright Office registration and renewal records (when applicable).

The system then provides legal information for each country searched.  Reports include

  • Basic copyright information about the Durationator Search
  • Citations to the specific law
  • Term of Copyright
  • Additional legal information the system collected in running the search

How much does a Durationator match or access to the Durationaor Copyright Resource cost?

A basic Report starts at about $199 for one work, one country, and goes up depending on number of works and countries searched.  

Our Membership plans begin at $1000 a year (access to the Durationator Copyright Portal), with $99 pay-as-you-go search prices, and continues to our Platinum Membership of $25,000 a year.  

For libraries, archives and museums, we are offering a special introductory price of $5000 annually.


Where can I find more information about the Durationator?

This will tell you a little bit more about the Durationator, and the company, Limited Times, L.L.C.